For disability rights advocates

Thank you for your interest in supporting accessible elections this year. You can be a trusted messenger who can help support election officials this year as voters cast ballots. is designed with input from experts to help voters understand their voting options, whether they’re voting early by mail or in person, or casting their ballot on Election Day.

Visit REV UP the Disability Vote for more tools and resources.

These are the some ways you can help people with disabilities close the turnout gap.

  • Work with local election officials. Ask how you can help. Some office offer "ride the the polls" sesrvices that rely on volunteer. You can also serve as a poll worker.
  • Work with local elections advocates. Look for groups in your area working to get out the vote. Share information about accessible voting with them.
  • Learn more about the relationship between democracy and health. The Health & Democracy Index compares 12 public health indicators and voter turnout to the voting policies in each state.

To find local elections advocates start with this list