About this site

Providing information about accessible voting options to help people with disabilities vote independently and privately. 

Accessible Voting helps you find ways to cast your ballot. Your voting options depend on your state. They include mail voting, early voting, and voting in-person on Election Day. 

One of the hardest things about voting with a disability is finding the information about voting options. At both the state and local level, ther are a variety of page titles, making it hard to search. Sometimes details like what accessible voting system is used is hidden in technical sections of the elections website.

We believe the difficulty of learning about accessible voting options contributes to the turnout gap between voters with disabilities and other voters. We aim to help by carefully gathering information and making it available for voters, advocates, and others to share and use.

Accessible Voting was launched in 2022 as a project of the Center for Civic Design and Microsoft Democracy Forward.

It is a partner site to HealthyVoting.org, which provides voters with information the relationship between democracy and public health and build the framework on which this site is based.

Coforma developed this site, based on HealthyVoting.